The Skinny on Infrared Body Wraps

The skinny on infrared body wraps

I decided to try a wrap, knowing Id lose water weight only.  I basically sweated my ass off, and had to drink water during and after, so not much water weight lost.  It also loosened my over trained muscles which felt great.  I can’t speak to other herbal wraps or seaweed wraps, but the infrared wraps are basically portable saunas. Unless you are lucky enough to have a home sauna or belong to a GYM, you’ll need to go to a spa or buy a home unit.  I recommend going to a spa to test it before investing in a home unit.

What does an infrared wrap or unit do? It makes you sweat out toxins and burn mega calories.  This is a great option for people who hate exercise.  It works best when eating clean, exercising and using the sauna.  For someone weighing 150 pounds you could burn up to 1400 calories an hour.  You have to adjust based on your weight. Although, at the spa they told me I’d burn around 1200 calories over the next several hours due to it speeding up my metabolism.  I err on the conservative side, and made adjustments based on my weight.  It’s too easy to think you have burned more calories and over eat as a result.   What I love about it, is that I over train. I rarely take a day off from exercise, and that isn’t good, my body gets pissed and causes muscle tension.  I also love getting a shower after being soaked with sweat after a workout.  So for me, this encourages me to take a day off a week and still detox and burn calories.   There is another benefit people lose sight of.

Infrared saunas alleviate chronic pain and muscle tension.   For people with arthritis, fibromyalgia etc. this is a no brainer.  For that alone it is worth it.  So I am more relaxed, less tense, have given my body a much deserved rest, detoxed and burned more calories than an hour and a half on the treadmill.  Why didn’t I know about this before?

Please consult with your physician before using a sauna or sauna product.  It is critical to hydrate with water before, during and after your treatment.  There are various affordable home treatments you can use for the cost of 3-4 sessions at a spa.  Another benefit is stress reduction.

When in a wrap or sauna, you aren’t texting, tweeting or checking email.  If you are, you should work on that.  So it is time to relax.  If in a home unit, you’re stuck, so lock the door and keep the kids and pets out.  Stress worsens chronic pain, causes muscle tension and increases the stress hormone, cortisol, which can cause overeating and weight gain.  Managing stress with sauna time outs is another benefit.

There is no magic bullet to losing weight, safely anyway.  But if you cut your calories by 500 a day, that’s a pound lost a week.  Add in burning calories via exercise and infrared saunas, and you can safely speed that up, detox, sleep better and alleviate pain, stress and tension. Now that is something to get heated about.


Dr. Umfer is a licensed clinical psychologist and forensic psychologist in Tampa Florida. She specializes in weight loss and forensic evaluations, such as sex offender risk assessments, psychological evaluations for substance abuse, competency, fitness for duty, immigration etc. She has certifications in fitness and nutrition, clinical hypnotherapy and as a meditation instructor. She identifies herself as a Forensic Evaluator and Weight Liberator and strives to help clients become "Umferized" aka empowered and fulfilled.

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