Services and What to Expect from Working with Dr. Umfer

Evaluations: Clinical-Forensic-Military

I conduct evaluations on those 13 and up for some of the following: 
Court ordered evaluations, immigration evaluations, fitness for duty or to carry a weapon (military and civilian), specialized training, sex offender evaluations, white collar crimes, bariatric surgery, personality testing, intelligence testing, personal injury, substance abuse, DUI, anger management, social security, disability, adoption, compensation-pension, competency to stand trial, criminal responsibility, employment screening, dependency evaluations (I am ASO approved) and general psychological evaluations. Please email or call to determine if I am qualified to do a specific evaluation. I also consult in forensic cases,wealth psychology and health and wellness issues. ADHD evaluations are also provided for college students/adults to help physicians determine if medication is right for them.

The military portion involves the 3.7 years that I spent working at MacDill AFB in the Mental Health Clinic. I worked with all branches, ranks and just about every problem, whether military related or something seemingly more ‘real world.’ Evaluations related include fitness for duty, second opinions, sanity board evaluations, disability etc.  I also serve as a military subcontractor with agencies contracted with DOD.

Registered with GSA for government contracting.  Please email me for CAPE and other information.

I also provide Consulting and paid speaking engagements and Media Appearances for issues related to forensic psychology, clinical issues, nutrition and fitness and the military.  Below is a description of my therapy services, which are on hold at this time.  Feel free to use the deep breathing audio below to manage stress and tune in.


Deep Breathing Audio:






I practice Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), hypnotherapy, stress management
for adolescents and adults, weight loss training, and evaluations for the court including sex offenders, anger management and other general issues. CBT focuses on one’s thinking to help change feelings and actions. Skype sessions are available for therapy for Florida residents. It is easy, and you can join here:    

Combining hypnotherapy can enhance and speed up treatment. Hypnosis can be used for many issues including but not limited to the following: anxiety,depression, Combat PTSD, weight loss, smoking cessation,insomnia, pain management, concentration, allergies, sports performance, high blood pressure and other issues to be determined on an individual basis. See the blog about the benefits and facts about hypnosis.  People with social anxiety might choose Skype sessions.

What to expect in therapy sessions: The first session involves an assessment to learn more about you and to target areas you want to work on. Reading the informed consent forms ahead of time gives you time to better understand the process and address any concerns you may have. These forms will be digitally signed in session and emailed to you.  I run an eco-friendly practice.  After the assessment we identify your treatment goals and how you would like to work on them, i.e., CBT or CBT and hypnotherapy etc. The second session will last about 45-50 minutes.  Evaluations can take several hours depending on what is needed, and usually requires just one visit.  

How I Can Help You!

As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist I use a coaching-like style, and I can also help with deeper issues. I also specialize in Forensic Psychology and Military Psychology.  You might be asking, what is with the alphabet soup next to your name.  The Psy.D. is a doctor in psychology.  (Psy.Ds, Ph.Ds and M.D.s are all doctors.  Ph.D.s are doctors in philosophy in a specialized area, such as psychology.  M.D.s are medical doctors.) The CM-I is a certified meditation instructor.  The CCH is a certified clinical hypnotherapist.   The SFN is a specialist in fitness and nutrition.  LLC is a limited liability corporation.  What is important is to think of me as your coach for whatever you need help with, knowing that I can also help with more severe problems.  I basically consider myself to be a Weight Liberator and Zombie Eradicator (i.e., helping you feel alive via CBT and diet).

I combine guiding people to change destructive thinking patterns while helping them become more connected or in-tune with their emotions and essentially their spirit, and to be accountable for their thoughts, feelings and actions.  We work as a team to enable you to achieve your goals, and be the best you can be.  We focus on your strengths to enable you to live a limitless life.

Some of the issues I work with include: anxiety, depressionweight issues, relationship issues, sleep problems, paincareer  and life transitions, Combat PTSD, and I work with adolescents and adults.



Please contact me at 813-385-7974 or to see how I can help
you achieve your goals.  


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