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Ads in Apps and negative nutritional influences   Killer Kids:LMN:Valessa Robinson:Air Date:6-2-14: IMG_0022.MOV

Teacher molests student:4-15-14:ABC News:

Sex offender has ties to Tampa Bay: 6-24-13 Hook Shootings: Live Fox 13 Interview 12-17-12

A day like no other: 12-12-12…different for different people,” said therapist Dr. Laura Umfer . Some want to start a union when similar numbers unite ……into a little bit of that ego in wanting to be individual,” Umfer said. But if you ask Ian, it’s already a good day …
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Are predators tracking your kids on Instagram?…you don’t know who you are connecting with or who you are friends with or who you are liking,” said Dr. Laura Umfer . Umfer said the predatory mind tries to make contact on all digital platforms. “If they see something on Instagram …
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A day of reckoning for Penn State…have been. They never will be,” said therapist Dr. Laura Umfer . It’s not the first time trusted, powerful institutions ……that could have made them look good, and they didn’t,” Umfer said. Penn State University’s identity hinges on it …
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‘It’s a First-World problem’…problem,” said psychologist Dr. Laura Umfer . “It may be a little melodramatic ……work a few times, then not so much,” Umfer said. Just keep perspective ……are, then life must be pretty good,” Umfer added. 
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How ugly are you? There’s an app for that… “I think it’s very dangerous,” said Dr. Laura Umfer , who specializes in weight loss and body image issues. ……have a bad day after using it. Some just can’t face it,” Umfer added. We found people willing to give it a try. …
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Police: Man says he was bitten by vampire…maybe a drug-induced psychological reaction,” said Dr. Laura Umfer . She’s a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes ……it and they become friends with people who are like minded,” Umfer said. Smith is charged with aggravated battery on an …
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Teens’ antics not uncommon, experts say…This is a little bit different. It almost seems like reality TV meets gang behavior,” said Dr. Laura Umfer . We asked Dr. Laura Umfer why someone would be so bold. “In terms of personality, we are looking at someone who is very …
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Above all else, tweens say they want fame…living in an age where people don’t seem to feel worthy unless they have some kind of external validation,” said Dr. Laura Umfer . She says it’s about being liked in life or online. “Whenever we look to others or to things for our self worth …
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The challenges of healthier eating…kinds of things, what I hear is I’m not ready to make the change or I don’t know how to make the change,” said Dr. Laura Umfer . She advises her weight loss clients to buy in bulk, plan ahead and be flexible at mealtime. “If it’s a priority …
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Are you addicted to Facebook?…of Last Straw Media. “I was online a lot at a place I was working but I had the highest numbers,” said Dr. Laura Umfer . She says you can achieve a balance, but if you find yourself on social sights day and night you should be aware of …
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