Keeping Your Sanity While Job Hunting

Keeping Your Sanity While Job Hunting

What to do in terms of the job search:

Basics: Get your resume polished and send them out.  Also don’t forget to read newspaper sections, (you never know.)  Also continue searching sites like, and  Google other job sites.

Network with everyone. Tell friends, family, former co-workers and supervisors that you are on the prowl.  You never know who may know someone who may know someone and so forth.  Start conversations while in line at the grocery store, knowing that any situation can become a way to network.  Get out to networking events.  Tell people you are seeking a new opportunity and have brief bullet points about your skills.  No phone call is a waste of time.  One call can lead to others that can connect you to an interview or job offer.  I had a terrible time finding a good post-doc. My chiropractor got permission for me to call a patient of his who is a forensic psychologist.  She gave me the number to a woman who worked with a man who became my supervisor, for what was the best clinical experience I have ever had.  People you call might remember you. Ask for their email address and ask if you can send them a brief email in the event that they hear of something that would work for you.  People want to help and feel good knowing a lot of people to connect with. So networking isn’t just about promoting yourself, but gaining credibility by knowing others you can refer people to.

Get on  It is a  free professional networking site.  Make a great profile and put your picture up, otherwise many won’t trust you.  Put your resume up there, and don’t lie.  Many embellish on that site, so don’t be one of them.  Join groups in your career field and be active in discussions.  Join every group relevant enough that is in your city.  That is where you find your networking events where you will meet people face to face.  Get business cards with your picture on it, your contact information and relevant skills, job title or your job field on it.

What to Do Emotionally:

Stay on your work schedule.  Make your search your full time job.  Get up, exercise and meditate daily about the dream job you seek.  This will ease your fear and anxiety and help you stay grounded and focused.  Push your ego aside.  You will face rejection.  It’s a tough market.  Trust that the universe will bring the right job to you, and those that reject you wouldn’t have been a good fit anyway.  Push your ego aside and take a job that is beneath you to make ends meet.  It is temporary and may help you network to find the job you want.

Get support from friends and family.  It is common for people to feel useless and depressed when not working.  You might need brief counseling to prevent it from worsening.  It also helps to have an objective person to bounce ideas off of, and to help you generate creative solutions.  Men tend to have a harder time after losing a job, especially if they have a family to provide for.  It is crucial to not take things personally.  It is business, and the business world is generally not concerned about individuals.  If you find yourself sleeping in too much, drinking too much or saying these kinds of thoughts to yourself: I’m worthless, The economy sucks, I’m screwed, There won’t be a good job for me, It’s hopeless, My family is better off without me (get therapy if you are thinking that)…..  You must change that type of thinking.  Catch those thoughts and refocus on what you want.  It doesn’t matter how exhausting it is to constantly have to give yourself pep talks, as it beats the alternative which is being miserable and unemployed.  If you can’t change those thoughts then seek help from a cognitive-behavioral therapist. This might also be a time to start that business you may have wanted to start.  That would be another topic, but if that is the case, then get a loan or investors, or use your savings to get it going.  Perhaps you take a job that is beneath you, while building your own business.

The most important thing is to stay focused. Don’t take rejections personally. Be open to feedback to improve your presentation.  Expect to get a great job, network and keep yourself emotionally grounded.  There are opportunities to get information and share your skills everywhere.  Think of every interaction as networking.  Keep yourself open to opportunities.


Dr. Umfer is a licensed clinical psychologist and forensic psychologist in Tampa Florida. She specializes in weight loss and forensic evaluations, such as sex offender risk assessments, psychological evaluations for substance abuse, competency, fitness for duty, immigration etc. She has certifications in fitness and nutrition, clinical hypnotherapy and as a meditation instructor. She identifies herself as a Forensic Evaluator and Weight Liberator and strives to help clients become "Umferized" aka empowered and fulfilled.

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