Weight Loss

Laura Umfer, Psy. D., C-MI, C.C.H., SFN, LLC

These calculations are meant to be used in conjunction with the ebook, The Zombie Solution, but they can be used by anyone to help determine your weight goals.

Daily Caloric Needs (DCN):Calories needed to maintain weight. Recalculate every 10-15 pounds. Use inactive to get lowest calories estimated. Calculator below also provides a quick estimate, but they are 50-100 calories lower than what you can really eat.



Basal Metabolic rate (BMR): Calories needed to be healthy. Eating lower than this number will put your body in starvation mode and can make you sick and halt weight loss.

This BMR Calculator is provided by quickBMR

Healthy Weight Chart

BMI and healthy weight estimates are above. Body Mass Index Calculator (BMI) This is meant to be a guide to determining your healthy weight range. Once you develop more muscle, or are already fit, body fat analysis is more accurate.

Body Fat Percentage  I’m giving a link to this one.  You’ll see why. There are many ways to measure body mass.  Feel free to do an internet search to find others that might work better for you.  You also might need someone to help you with the measurements. The calculator below is a good estimate, but using tape and calipers will are better.

Body Fat Chart

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For those of you who are unable to work one on one with me for financial reasons or you reside outside of Florida, use my ebook that is available to help you reach your weight loss goals.  Below are some calculators to help you determine necessary numbers needed to lose and maintain your healthy, realistic weight loss goal.



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