Adult ADHD: Attentionally Challenged?

Attentionally Challenged? Adult ADHD Symptoms and Solutions


Some symptoms that might alert one to seek an evaluation to determine if they have ADHD include the following:


Chronic lateness and forgetfulness


Low self-esteem

Employment problems

Difficulty controlling anger


Substance abuse

Poor organization skills


Low frustration tolerance

Chronic boredom

Difficulty concentrating when reading

Mood swings


Relationship problems


There is a lot of overlap between ADD/ADHD and mood disorders (depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety disorders). People are more stressed, pressed for time and over doing it.


3% to 10% of school-aged children have ADHD, and an estimated 60% of those will maintain the disorder into adulthood.

4% to 5% of adults have ADHD.

More male children have ADHD, but this evens out by adulthood.


Technology and social media are making our attention spans even shorter, and adult ADHD is becoming more common. My new ebook (The Anti-Conformist Diet: Weight Liberation Guide for the Time & Attention Challenged) was designed for people pressed for time with short attention spans. Even if they do not have ADHD, people often seek out stimulants to help them get it all done, whether they are college students, executives or working single mothers. There are natural ways to treat ADHD that often requires professional help. Meditation, exercise and strategies to manage time also help. The problem is that these folks are already doing too much and want the quicker, temporary, fix. General physicians often are reluctant to prescribe medications for ADHD without the person being evaluated by a professional, and psychologists can give tests that other mental health professionals cannot do. Being evaluated by a psychologist and getting medication from a primary care physician is more affordable than seeing a psychiatrist as well. If you reside in the Tampa Bay area and want to be evaluated to determine if you have ADHD and solutions for it, please contact me at 813-385-7974 orĀ


Dr. Umfer is a licensed clinical psychologist and forensic psychologist in Tampa Florida. She specializes in weight loss and forensic evaluations, such as sex offender risk assessments, psychological evaluations for substance abuse, competency, fitness for duty, immigration etc. She has certifications in fitness and nutrition, clinical hypnotherapy and as a meditation instructor. She identifies herself as a Forensic Evaluator and Weight Liberator and strives to help clients become "Umferized" aka empowered and fulfilled.

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